“Dementia’s Gift: Facing Cancer Without the Fear”

  “How Medical Marijuana Made Me a Better Mom”

“The Killer Who Spared My Mother”

Selected online work:


Riding the Waves of COVID Anxiety as a Mom of Two Teens
HealthyWomen, 2020

An Auspicious Time to Start Bleeding
PULP Magazine, 2020

Hobart, 2020

Girls and Boys: Desire and Power in High School
Entropy Magazine, 2019

Why Do Alleged Campus Rapists Have More Rights Than Victims?
Dame Magazine, 2019

The ‘Animal House’ Culture at Dartmouth– Then and Now
The Boston Globe, 2018

How Medical Marijuana Made Me a Better Mom
The Washington Post, 2018

Sexual Assault by an Ivy League Lawyer? Me, Too
Ravishly, 2018

The Killer Who Spared My Mother
Longreads, 2018

How I Exposed My Yoga Teacher’s Abuses On Facebook
Ravishly, 2018

Dementia’s Gift: Facing Cancer Without the Fear
The New York Times, 2018

Boys Behaving Badly: Why We Need to Stand Up to School-Age Misogyny
Parent Co, 2017

How A Feminist Porn Director Gives Her Daughters “The Talk”
Refinery29, 2017

Paying For Porn is the Feminist Way to Get Off
Glamour, 2017

5 Great Sex-Ed Books For Preteen Girls
The Washington Post, 2017

My Father’s Adventure Was My Terror
Longreads, 2017

What Ariana Grande Taught Me- and My Daughters- About Sexual Empowerment
ROAR Feminist Magazine, 2017

When You’re Not Glowing in Pregnancy, 2017

Still Got Milk? I’m Letting My Toddler Decide When To Stop Breastfeeding, 2017

The Hard Work of Staying Married With Kids, 2017

My Millennial Dude: Finding Male Allies at the Women’s March
ROAR Feminist Magazine, 2017

I Stole 7 Sex Tips From the Internet- Here’s What’s Worth Trying
Glamour, 2017

Talking to My Daughters About Trump
Ms. Magazine, 2016

Strong is the New Pretty
Ms. Magazine, 2016

Decisions and Despair as a Family Lives With Alzheimer’s
The Washington Post, 2016

My Danish Au Pair
The Huffington Post, 2016

Resurrection Stone
Atlas and Alice, 2015

Little Magic Mirror
Luna Luna Magazine, 2015

Quiet Hands
Parent Co, 2015

A Mother’s Grief Gets a Diagnosis
Salon, 2015

First Response
The Manifest-Station, 2015

House Elf
The Rutland Herald, 2015

5 Insights on Depression From Someone Who Suffers
The Huffington Post, 2015

Hate Mail
The Huffington Post, 2015

My Breast Intentions
The Huffington Post, 2014

Raising a Rock Star
The Huffington Post, 2014

Depression: Coming Out of the Happy Closet
The Rutland Herald, 2014

Numero Cinq, 2013

Going to the Mat
Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, 2010

“Am I Jewish?”
The Washington Post, 2010

Playing Tough
The Boston Globe, 2010


Spring Poetry: Dorianne Laux, Sarah Gambito, Valencia Robin
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2019

First Time Out: Debut Poetry by Duy Doan, Chanda Feldman, July Westhale
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2018

“Savage Vista”: Subverting Genre in Lynn Melnick’s Landscape With Sex and Violence
The Kenyon Review, 2018

Waters of Self and Other: Tracy K. Smith, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Shauna Hannibal 
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2018

Speaking the Unspeakable: Evie Shockley, Nicole Sealey, James Crews
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2018

52 Mini-Memoirs on Kissing and Feminism: Your Next Great Read
OZY, 2017

Queering the Language: sam sax, Stephanie Burt, Gabrielle Calvocoressi
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2017

Why Poetry and Poetry Will Save Your Life
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2017

Resistance, Rebellion, Life: insurgent poetry
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2017

Camille Dungy: a micro-review
The Kenyon Review, 2017

“Love Without Greed”: Marie Howe and Layli Long Soldier
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2017

Five Fierce Women Poets to Inspire the Resistance
OZY, 2017

Identity Crisis: Dean Rader, Elizabeth Powell, Jenny Molberg
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2017

Fear & Freedom: Sharon Olds, Donika Kelly, Catherine Pierce
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2o17

Ferocious Wonder: Matt Hart, Ari Banias, Marianne Boruch
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2016

Let’s Get It On: Future Sex by Emily Witt
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2016

Work & War: Solmaz Sharif and Tess Taylor
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2016

Oceans Within: Kim Addonizio, Ocean Vuong, Rachel Richardson
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2016

“A Soft Electric Shock of Feeling”: Allen Ginsberg, Catherine Bowman, Alison Prine
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2016

Open Windows: Robin Coste Lewis, Jennifer Grotz, Chard deNiord
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2016

Divinity and Disaster: Poetry Debuts by Alicia Jo Rabins, Tracey Knapp, Robin Beth Schaer
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2015

Roll With It: Kim Addonizio, Diane Seuss, Major Jackson
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2015

Infinite Kinships:  John Burnside, Jane Hirshfield, Rebecca Foust, Deborah Landau
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2015

The Goddess Pose by Michelle Goldberg
The San Francisco Chronicle, 2015

The Well Speaks of its Own Poison by Maggie Smith
The Rumpus, 2015

Best Summer Books to Read With Your Daughters
The Huffington Post, 2015

A Small Indiscretion by Jan Ellison
The Rumpus, 2015

Wunderkammer by Cynthia Cruz
The Rumpus, 2014


Tragic Loss for Nordic Community
FasterSkier, 2014

Raising the Barre
Pilates Style, 2011

Melt Stress Away
Pilates Style, 2010

Preeclampsia: Pregnancy’s Unsolved Mystery
Parent Express, 2009

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